Please bring proof of rabies vaccination with you when registering your pet.

Before April 1       

$3.00 annually if spayed/neutered     

$8.00 annually if not spayed/neutered 

After April 1         

$8.00 annually if spayed/neutered     

$13.00 annually if not spayed/neutered


1. It is the Law

The money collected from licensing fees goes to the benefit of animals and citizens within the community.

2. Get Reunited With Your Pet

The most directly beneficial part of getting your dog licensed, is that your dog’s tag will give you the best chance of being reunited with your pet. This little identification tag also comes in handy for that pesky curious dog that occasionally runs off, or even in the event that someone makes an attempt to steal an animal. Keep your pets safe and by your side with a dog license.

3. Keep Dogs Out Of Shelters

If your dog isn’t licensed to your name, the system doesn’t work for you. Your lost dog could end up in a shelter, and you won’t have any way to prove that it belongs to you. You could end up having to try and adopt it back, and there is still no guarantee that you will end up with your dog. It could be adopted by another family, or even worse not adopted at all.

4. Ensure that Dogs’ Vaccinations are Up To Date

In order to license your dog, the vaccinations have to be up to date. By ensuring that vaccinations are up to date, the whole community is a little safer. Stopping the spread of diseases like rabies before they start is very important. Nobody wants to lose their pet, or have to make a trip to the hospital for their child because the vaccinations for your pet were out of date when it got in that tussle with the neighborhood raccoon. Dog licensing serves as a great check and balance system to ensure that the pet owners within the municipality are all doing their part to keep the community and their own pets safe.