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Burning permits are required by the Wisconsin DNR in many parts of the state to conduct legal and responsible burning in the outdoors. Burning permits are free and easy to obtain. They encourage the public to burn safely and are proven to be effective in protecting lives, property and natural resources from the damages of wildfires.


  1. Get a permit: Obtain a free permit online instantly with an email address. Or call the hotline 1-888-WIS-BURN (947-2876) from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily to have a burning permit mailed to you.
  2. Check before burning: After 9 a.m. on the day you wish to burn, check the daily burning restrictions and select the county where you plan to burn. Fire conditions change quickly, so it's important to check each day you burn to find out if burning is allowed, burning hours and any size limitations.
  3. Follow the rules: Follow the daily burning restrictions and fire safety recommendations listed on the permit. Make sure to have all the necessary tools to keep your fire contained. Lastly, make sure your fire is completely out before leaving.
Permits are issued by the Zoning and Permit Administrator.
Please contact Bob Grandaw at 715-548-1058 or

*subject to change and special circumstance

$50.00-Residential New Construction, Additions, Garages, Decks, Outbuildings, Pools/Hot Tubs, Exterior/Interior Remodeling, Fence, Electric Work, Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Signs

$250.00-Commercial/Industrial New Construction/Additions under 10,000 sq ft

$500.00-Commercial/Industrial New Construction/Additions 10,000 sq ft up to 25,000 sq ft

$750.00-Commercial/Industrial New Construction/Additions over 25,000 sq ft

$100.00-Commercial/Industrial Remodeling Exterior/Interior  - No Foot Print Changes

$25.00-Driveway (Concrete/Asphalt)

$N/C-Sidewalk (Concrete/Asphalt) Permit Still Needed

$50.00-Demo/Razing - Residential/Garages/Outbuildings etc. Per Building

$100.00-Demo/Razing - Commercial, Industrial Per Building

$50.00-Electrical New Service (100,200 amp)

$100.00-Electrical New Service (over 200 amp)

$450.00-Variance/Board of Appeals/Conditional Use

$250.00-Citation Fee; $50.00/ Additional Fee Per Day Past Due Date

$10.00 - Per Locate 

ZONING MAP - This is an overview map and not for legal reference; zoning is subject to change based on City Council action.