City of Niagara

Permits are issued by the Zoning and Permit Administrator.
Please contact Bob Grandaw at 715-548-1058 or

*subject to change and special circumstance

$50.00-Residential New Construction, Additions, Garages, Decks, Outbuildings, Pools/Hot Tubs, Exterior/Interior Remodeling, Fence, Electric Work, Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Signs

$250.00-Commercial/Industrial New Construction/Additions under 10,000 sq ft

$500.00-Commercial/Industrial New Construction/Additions 10,000 sq ft up to 25,000 sq ft

$750.00-Commercial/Industrial New Construction/Additions over 25,000 sq ft

$100.00-Commercial/Industrial Remodeling Exterior/Interior  - No Foot Print Changes

$25.00-Driveway (Concrete/Asphalt)

$N/C-Sidewalk (Concrete/Asphalt) Permit Still Needed

$50.00-Demo/Razing - Residential/Garages/Outbuildings etc. Per Building

$100.00-Demo/Razing - Commercial, Industrial Per Building

$50.00-Electrical New Service (100,200 amp)

$100.00-Electrical New Service (over 200 amp)

$450.00-Variance/Board of Appeals/Conditional Use

$250.00-Citation Fee; $50.00/ Additional Fee Per Day Past Due Date