The City of Niagara

The City of Scenic Beauty

Welcome to the City of Niagara Directory

Here you will find a list of our current council members, and mayor, along with the terms they will be serving.

Mayor Term Expires
Joe Johnston 04/17/2023  
Council Members  
Michael Darne 04/17/23 1964 River St. 715-548-0476
Lynn Burke 04/17/23 956 Main St. 715-556-4850
Donald Shampo 04/17/23 104 Betters Court 906-282-3080
Dan Decker 04/19/22 1106 Truman 920-883-0526
Joe Johnston 04/19/22 98 Kipling St. 906-282-6517

Glenn Lantagne


302 McKinley



Chief of Police Angela Moreau



Audrey Fredrick

Dep. Clerk/Treasurer

& Clerk of Court

Tracy Coppens
Public Works Coordinator JJ Coppens
City Attorney Kim Coggins 715-732-8880
Municipal Judge Scott Sexton
City Asssessor Jerry Pillath 920-897-2681
Fire Chief Shawn Brown 715-932-1884
Building & Zoning Colin Jacobetti 906-779-1332

Boards Commissions and Committess

Board of Review

Joe Johnston
Dan Decker
Glenn Lantagne
Gerald Kallenbach 715-251-4176
Don Shampo
Audrey Fredrick

Board of Appeals (Five members, 3 Year Term)

Rick Steeno, Chairperson, Exp 2023          715-251-3119

Bruce Redmond, Exp 2022                         906-280-7385
Veronica Dixon, Exp 2023                           715-251-1937
Gary Yamry EXP 2024
Steve Zigman EXP 2024
Fred Neveau (alt)                                         906-239-0703
Joe Zychowski (alt)                                      715-251-4413
Plan Commision - 3 Year Terms-Citizen Members
(Must be at least four Citizen Members that are not elected or appointed City Officals)
Joe Johnston - Chairperson
Public Works Coordinator JJ Coppens
Roger Allen EXP 2023     906-282-5244
Phil Westrich EXP 2023     715-548-1096
Gerald Kallenbach EXP 2023
Dan Decker
Pam Miller     906-282-1160

Standing Comitees

Finance Comittee of the Whole

Dan Decker - Chairperson
Mike Darne
Lisa Mattia

Public Works and Committee of the Whole

Don Shampo - Chairperson

Glenn Lantagne

Dan Decker

JJ Coppens, Public Works Coordinator

Public Safey Committee of the Whole

Don Shampo - Chairperson
Glen Lantagne
Lisa Mattia
Angela Moreau, Police Chief
Shawn Brown, Fire Chief
Mary Lundquist, Niagara area Rescue Squad
Joe Geldmeyer, Township Fire Dept. Rep

Personnel and Administration Committee


Park and Recreation Committee of the Whole

Mayor and Council

Veronica Dixon

Angela Moreau, Police Chief

Barry Kaldor, Township Member

Beautification Committee

Lynn Burke, Chairperson

Jeri Allen                                               906-282-3055

Kathy Spade                                         715-251-4706

Kathy Westrich                                      715-548-1096

Debbie Lindgren,Township Member     906-221-5064

Gilbert Engel, Auxiliary Volunteer         715-251-3300